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Mathlovsky’s ‘Yassssin’ is a celebration of ten years of his musical journey, reflecting the friendships and relationships during this time period. The cuts on the LP display a wide spectrum of versatility and track the entire cartography of his artistic creativity and collaborative spirit. However, ‘Yassssin’ as an album is not so much a collection of wild mood swings, as it is a threading of the needle wound through the joining points of Mathlovsky’s musical history – then amplified with the sounds of live drums and electric guitar to make something completely new.

Disc 1
1. Mustard – Mathlovksy
2. ACAB Hype – Mathlovksy
3. The Heat – Mathlovksy
4. Baby Marshall – Mathlovksy
Disc 2
1. Another Day, Another Cobra – Mathlovksy
2. Geng Geng Geng – Mathlovksy
3. Moving Day – Mathlovksy
4. Grind – Mathlovksy
5. Witch City – Mathlovksy
6. Life Is Suffering and I Suffer Good – Mathlovksy

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl

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