Jonah Parzen-Johnson – Imagine Giving Up:


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The album sees Parzen-Johnson move into new domains of sound as he uncovers newfound energy and pulse in his music. In addition to the sonically rich analog synth elements that accompany his earlier solo saxophone work, Jonah has layered heavily sound designed samples of his own saxophone to create truly one of a kind percussive snaps, reverberant basses, and warbling leads.

Disc 1
1. Find the Feeling – Jonah Parzen-Johnson (7.53)
2. Focus Re-focus – Jonah Parzen-Johnson (7.06)
3. Everything Is Everything Else – Jonah Parzen-Johnson (4.58)
4. Up – Jonah Parzen-Johnson (7.49)
5. The Smile When You Fall – Jonah Parzen-Johnson (5.36)
6. Stand Still – Jonah Parzen-Johnson (6.04)

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl

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Jonah Parzen-Johnson

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