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Serpent Omega meld sludge, doom, metal and crust into an unique and sordid brew. Seven years since their debut, the Stockholm-based quartet offer the perfect soundtrack to what may well be the end of the world as we know it. Its all here; despair, hopelessness, fury, and perhaps a glimmer of bloody triumph and distant hope in the inevitability of a new beginning. The songs are a pile of bleak upon bleaker riffs that move from a slow and low crawl into d-beat and black metal territory with a smattering of NWOBHM in for good measure.

Disc 1
1. Orog Nuur – Serpent Omega
2. Land of Darkness – Serpent Omega
3. Rivers of Reversed – Serpent Omega
4. Through the Gates – Serpent Omega
5. Chthonic – Serpent Omega
6. At the Mountains Edge – Serpent Omega
7. Av Aska – Serpent Omega

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Serpent Omega

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)


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