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After the success of their debut album ‘Too Hot to Handle’, the funk/disco band Heatwave followed up with ‘Central Heating’ in 1977. The album was produced by Barry Blue and was the final performance of Rod Temperton as an official member of Heatwave, who later wrote several hit singles for Michael Jackson. ‘Central Heating’ features the tracks ‘The Groove Line’, ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’ and ‘The Star of a Story’, which remain popular tracks to this day. The latter was also sampled by A Tribe Called Quest, amongst others.

Disc 1
1. Put Out the Word – Heatwave
2. Send Out for Sunshine – Heatwave
3. Central Heating – Heatwave
4. Happiness Togetherness – Heatwave
5. The Groove Line – Heatwave
6. Mind Blowing Decisions – Heatwave
7. The Star of a Story – Heatwave
8. Party Poops – Heatwave
9. Leavin’ for a Dream – Heatwave
Disc 2
1. Whack That Axe (Bonus Track) – Heatwave
2. The Groove Line (12″ Disco Version) (Bonus Track) – Heatwave
3. Mind Blowing Decisions (12″ Disco Version) (Bonus Track) – Heatwave

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)

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