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The Madrileños Los Punsetes are a benchmark of the independent scene in which they stand out for their spontaneity, immediacy, references to popular culture in their lyrics and the image of their unique vocalist. They have a special sound that unites current indie pop blending with the Movida Madrileña from bands such as Los Nikis, Derribos Arias or Los Pegamoides.

Disc 1
1. Seres Humanos – Los Punsetes
2. Vas Hablando Mal De Mi – Los Punsetes
3. Oro – Los Punsetes
4. Idiota – Los Punsetes
5. Miguel De Molinos – Los Punsetes
6. Dinero – Los Punsetes
7. Atraco Perfecto – Los Punsetes
8. Una Persona Sospechosa – Los Punsetes
9. Lo Dejo – Los Punsetes
10. Ella Nunca Me Acept¢ En Facebook – Los Punsetes
11. La Gran Bestia – Los Punsetes
12. Estela Plateada – Los Punsetes

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)

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Los Punsetes

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