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Ziúr is a female Berlin-based producer who brings some future club industrial vibes, with her ‘Deeform’ EP. Ziúr has come a long way from her experimental noisy punk band ‘Sissters’, although, punk vibes still run through the dark and bass-heavy sound of ‘Deeform’. Her use of environmental noises, dogs barking and the like, are evocative of cityscapes and dimming lighting when the streets meet dusk.

Disc 1
1. Deeform – Zi£r (4.33)
2. Collar Bone – Zi£r (3.57)
3. NoR3gRts – Zi£r (3.48)
4. Himalaya – Zi£r (3.55)
5. Bud Dallas – Zi£r (4.49)

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Vinyl / 12" EP

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