Dead Can Dance – Within the Realm of a Dying Sun


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After touring extensively the year before, the band released ‘Within the Realm of a Dying Sun’, their third album in 1987. Gerrard and Perry divide vocal responsibilities evenly, with each side of the album featuring one member as lead singer, drawing on Middle Eastern influences throughout.

Disc 1
1. Anywhere Out of the World – Dead Can Dance (5.08)
2. Windfall – Dead Can Dance (3.30)
3. In the Wake of Adversity – Dead Can Dance (4.14)
4. Xavier – Dead Can Dance (6.16)
5. Dawn of the Iconoclast – Dead Can Dance (2.06)
6. Cantara – Dead Can Dance (5.58)
7. Summoning of the Muse – Dead Can Dance (4.55)
8. Persephone (The Gathering of Flowers) – Dead Can Dance (6.36)

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Dead Can Dance

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