Cocteau Twins – Tiny Dynamite/Echoes in a Shallow Bay


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With a history of releasing singles between albums, the two EPs of ‘Tiny Dynamine’ and ‘Echoes In a Shallow Bay’ were originally released two weeks apart back in November 1985. Seen as companion pieces, they both acted as a precursor to their fourth studio album, ‘Victorialand’. 30 years later, they’re now being married together on to one piece of vinyl, completed with reformatted artwork.

Disc 1
1. Pink Orange Red – Cocteau Twins
2. Ribbed and Veined – Cocteau Twins
3. Plain Tiger – Cocteau Twins
4. Sultitan Itan – Cocteau Twins
5. Great Spangled Fritillary – Cocteau Twins
6. Melonella – Cocteau Twins
7. Pale Clouded White – Cocteau Twins
8. Eggs and Their Shells – Cocteau Twins

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Cocteau Twins

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