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Though Ural Thomas is universally recognized as one of the most exciting singers remaining from the original soul era, and an active musical institution for over sixty years, his band, all decades younger, are treated as equals. The Pain are no backing band – but rather a well-oiled tightly-knit musical aggregation that’s spent the last eight years with Thomas developing a unique sound of its own. Despite the usual COVID-19 obstacles, Ural Thomas and The Pain finally completed their much-anticipated third album ‘Dancing Dimensions’. While exploring everything from sweet Chicago soul to airy West Coast psychedelia to Sly funk, their latest collection retains the distinctive sound the band organically developed over years of relentless work. Classic yet unmistakably contemporary at the same time, ‘Dancing Dimensions’ is the most accurate representation of The Pain’s unique flavour, power, and musical breadth committed to vinyl thus far.

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