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The New York City black metal band’s fourth studio album. The staggering 50-minute follow-up to 2014’s ‘Hail Death’, the album is atmospheric and melodic without relenting on any of the ferocity Black Anvil have always been known for. ‘As Was’ seamlessly weaves through eight monumental passages of extreme metal art. More diverse, complex, and thought-provoking than anything they’ve done before, ‘As Was’ is a stellar representation of modern black metal, and of Black Anvil’s continuous progression and songcraft.

Disc 1
1. On Forgotten Ways – Black Anvil (8.12)
2. May Her Wrath Be Just – Black Anvil (4.25)
3. As Was – Black Anvil (6.47)
4. Nothing – Black Anvil (6.37)
5. As an Elder Learned Anew – Black Anvil (6.41)
6. Two Keys: Here’s the Lock – Black Anvil (9.08)
7. The Way of All Flesh – Black Anvil (2.06)
8. Ultra – Black Anvil (6.56)

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Black Anvil

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