An Unending Pathway


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Third studio album by the metal band. By blending death rock, doom, black metal, punk and psychedelic drone/noise on this record, Atriarch established themselves as one of the most creative and compelling heavy-music bands of the 21st century. Imagine Bauhaus as covered by Eyehategod, or Sisters of Mercy filtered through Neurosis, and you start to get the picture of what Atriarch has achieved on this album.

Disc 1
1. Entropy – Atriarch (5.54)
2. Collapse – Atriarch (4.26)
3. Revenant – Atriarch (5.18)
4. Bereavement – Atriarch (4.07)
5. Rot – Atriarch (7.27)
6. Allfather – Atriarch (6.22)
7. Veil – Atriarch (6.38)

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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