Memories of Doncaster
Not Written by Jeremy Clarkson

As I sped into Doncaster in my reasonably-priced car, memories of my childhood came flooding back. There was the site of my old school, where I was frequently berated by teachers for my poor academic performance. And there, on the high street, stood the hallowed entrance to the Arndale Centre, now rebranded as the terribly Continental-sounding “Frenchgate”. This was the location of Bradley’s Records, the scene of one of the most pivotal moments of my young life: the purchase of my very first cassette tape.

I remember that day well. A youthful Jezza (as absolutely no one called me back then), resplendent in my tank top and flares combo, striding manfully into the record shop with a fistful of paper round money tightly packed in my even tighter Levis.

I headed straight for the Genesis section, my gaze settling instantly on their seminal 1973 concept album, Selling England by the Pound, which I already owned on both vinyl and 8-track formats. “But did I have it on cassette?” I asked myself. Clearly this oversight had to be rectified post-haste.


I emerged back onto the high street clutching my transparent plastic prize, giddy with excitement at the prospect of enjoying the prog rock stylings of early Genesis on a portable format. Cassettes represented freedom and possibility; I could listen to Peter Gabriel’s erudite musings about the debauched state of Britain wherever I pleased – even whilst ignoring teachers’ instructions in woodwork class!

How little did I know then that this unassuming cassette purchase in my hometown record store would spark a lifelong passion for cars, music, controversial opinions and above all, yelling “More Power”! 

Sadly, although Bradley’s is long gone, like so many of Doncaster’s musical landmarks, one thing remains: the indelible mark it has left on regional culture through its famous former customers. The Great Me.  Not bad for a little record shop in South Yorkshire!

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