Paul Harris – Founder and CEO

Musician, writer, business creator

From my 5 minutes of fame in 1995, singing live in the Eurovision Song for Europe on Top of The Pops, and having a gifted singer for a Mum, Nanette Rees, and a famous jazz musician and composer as a Dad, Max Harris, my life has always had music pinned to it’s heart.

I also am passionate about ‘creating’ business and while my TV content creation company IFLB purports to be an abbreviation for the “Independent Format Licensing Business”, what it really stands for – and this is the only place in the world I have said this – is “I fucking love business” – and I do.

Combining music and business is a dream for me and our team, so I really hope you’ll help Our Price regain its former glory, and while you’re there, go watch my 1995 Eurovision single and make it #1!

Meantime, if a problem or a praise; hello@ourprice.com

Matt Maltby – CTO

We have worked with Matt for nearly 15 years, which looking at this picture means he was probably only ten. Aside from his web development, e-commerce, API, SEO and all round web genius, Matt is wonderfully unflappable. This perfectly counterbalances Paul’s headless chicken approach to deadlines. We cannot recommend his services and skill sets enough, but us first please Matt.

For any technical queries; hello@ourprice.com

Micheal ‘Timbo’ Poole – Founder and director

Tim has been a great chef, a good DJ and an average friend. Or was it the other way around. In reality, a great friend and a very good DJ and chef, dinner around the Poole’s pool is a thing of beauty – if only you were able to remember it the next day. For many years he and his missus developed and recently sold the largest and most successful private hire taxi firm in Horsham. Now semi-retired and awash with cash, Tim spends his time travelling, listening to music, drinking fine wine, cooking or asleep in an exceptionally comfortable chair.

Paul ‘Das Vinkle’ Winkley – Founder and director

Likewise a great friend, an excellent DJ and an awesome Dentist, Paul is the sensible one. He owns an office block in Worthing, a  very successful dental practice, a vintage mini and old Porsche and loves boxers, (the dogs that is). Paul has been a supportive founding member of the Our Price family, even known on occasion to spring the combination on his De Raat purse and buy a round.

Chris Shepherd aka The Cockney aka Setsquare – Investor

Chris has done very rather well for himself given most of his family support Millwall, but of course – they don’t care. He is one of the most generous, hard working, hard playing and street smart businessmen you could meet. Thank you for your trust and support Chris, you are a true diamond. And you’re a Chelsea fan – come on you blues!

PS never mention Brexit.

Stuart McGee – Counsel & Investor

Stuart has the legal prowess of an angry Doberman Pinscher crossed with a King’s Counsel. Despite being a formidable force in the courtroom, he is a blancmange of a human being; soft, sweet and always ready and willing to do anything for his friends and family. It is an absolute honour to be his friend.

Any legal queries, please contact hello@ourprice.com