Various Artists – Chevance: Outremusique Pour Enfants 1974-1985


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Brilliantly-bonkers 19 track compilation of revolutionary children’s music from the pioneering French label Chevance, mixing forward-thinking folk and avant-garde jazz, driven by a strong literary spirit. Chevance’s exceptional catalogue was created under the direction of producer Philippe Gavardin, in the tradition of the Saravah label or iconoclastic publisher Harlin Quist.

Anti-fables, songs from mysterious countries, wild bestiaries… It brought together a band of classically inspired free musicians, propelling its singers into orbit by exploiting all the fantastical potential of texts by Jean Tardieu, Robert Desnos, Jacqueline Held and many others. More strictly instrumental, its younger sibling, the Sonoriage collection completed the company, dedicating itself to the acousmatic exploration of children’s familiar environments.

Featuring Cristine Combe, Anne et Gilles, Steve Waring and the workshop of Lyon, Jean-Louis M?chali, Jacques Cassard, Jean-Fran?ois Ga?l, Bernard Baschet, Alain Savouret and others.

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