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Sam Barker returns with his first solo EP since 2020’s ‘BARKER002’, this time on Oslo’s Smalltown Supersound. While Barker’s previous releases (2018’s ‘Debiasing’ EP, 2019’s ‘Utility’ LP) explored the possibilities of kickless dancefloor tracks, ‘Unfixed’ sees him inverting the musical equation and exploring both the variability and sonic possibilities of a kick-drum – though the final result is not a concept EP. The four tracks emerged from a session that started out as both a technical study in bass drum design and cognition, specifically problem of ‘functional fixedness’, which describes a mental block that restricts the use of an object to its traditional application.

Disc 1
1. Birmingham Screwdriver – Barker
2. Wick and Wax – Barker
3. Golden Hammer – Barker
4. Percussive Maintenance – Barker

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Vinyl / 12" EP

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