Turisas – The Varangian Way


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Pressed on warpainted and bloodied vinyl, Svart Records present a trilogy of vinyl represses by Finland’s folk metal war machine Turisas. Prepared together with the band, these gatefold renditions come with extensive liner notes plus A2 posters.

Disc 1
1. To Holmgard and Beyond – Turisas
2. A Portage to the Unknown – Turisas
3. Cursed Be Iron – Turisas
4. Fields of Gold – Turisas
5. In the Court of Jarisleif – Turisas
6. Five Hundred and One – Turisas
7. The Dnieper Rapids – Turisas
8. Miklagard Overture – Turisas

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)

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