Elmore James – The Sky Is Crying: 20 All-time Original Blues Classics


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The legendary bluesman Elmore James is the most influential slide guitarist of the postwar period. He’s been credited as one of the primary architects of blues-rock by virtue of his energising primal riffs and raw, driving intensity. His influence (in approach, attitude and tone) is incalculable, and can be heard in just about every guitar player who puts a slide on his finger and wails the blues. This essential release includes the cream of the crop of Elmore James’ inimitable discography – 20 superb recordings from the peak of the blues legend’s career.

Disc 1
1. The Sky Is Crying – Elmore James
2. Dust My Broom – Elmore James
3. Knocking at Your Door – Elmore James
4. Shake Your Moneymaker – Elmore James
5. Mean and Evil – Elmore James
6. Can’t Stop Lovin’ – Elmore James
7. Strange Kinda Feeling – Elmore James
8. I Was a Fool – Elmore James
9. The Sun Is Shining – Elmore James
10. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ – Elmore James
11. Standing at the Crossroads – Elmore James
12. Rock My Baby Right – Elmore James
13. I Held My Baby Last Night – Elmore James
14. Bobby’s Rock (Instrumental) – Elmore James
15. Take Me Where You Go – Elmore James
16. Fine Little Mama – Elmore James
17. Look On Yonder Wall – Elmore James
18. Blues Before Sunrise – Elmore James
19. Done Somebody Wrong – Elmore James
20. Goodbye Baby – Elmore James

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Elmore James

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