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Released on June 9th 1992, Always… by The Gathering is one of the rare albums in metal that turned out to be a game-changer. On the debut album, the young Dutch band blended doom and death metal with prominent keyboard parts. It featured female vocals in an era when the metal scene was still a male-dominated environment. The album showcased how heavy sounds could be enriched by diverse musical influences.

Consequently, Always… laid the foundation for subgenres like gothic metal, often referred to as female-fronted metal or what is now recognized as progressive metal – a term commonly used today. The Gathering were true pioneers, opening doors not only for themselves but also for other Dutch bands such as Within Temptation, After Forever, Epica, Kingfisher Sky, Nemesea, and Delain. In retrospect, their influence extended globally, inspiring acts like the predominantly Norwegian Nightwish, the American Evanescence, and the Italian Lacuna Coil.

Above all, The Gathering’s debut album is a unique masterpiece, characterized by well-constructed songs and clever arrangements. Upon its release, the album received rave reviews, leading to global commercial success. Always… firmly established The Gathering as the leading band in the flourishing Dutch metal scene of the early ’90s. Following the album’s release, the band embarked on a remarkable journey, touring alongside Paradise Lost, performing for a massive crowd of 8,000 while opening for Faith No More, and receiving invitations to perform in Israel. All these achievements were realized by a group of mostly teenagers who still lived with their parents and were expected to attend school every day.

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