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Kurtiss is a shadowy and enigmatic figure working on the boundaries of civilization. A sporadic figure on the House music scene with eccentric habits, Kurtiss’ music is a rarified sonic experience for those who seek it out. The American artist is hard to pin down and his music is a tantalizing little secret only for adept diggers who appreciate the style of hi-def house music that the artist has cultivated. ‘The Curtis Vodka’ EP weaves classic house music influences through a penchant for vintage sound machines and arrangements that evoke a solemn air.

Disc 1
1. Club Odysseus – Kurtiss (5.05)
2. Amor De La Casa Acida – Kurtiss (5.39)
3. Play Only at Night – Kurtiss (6.41)
4. Alvar Aalto – Kurtiss (4.35)
5. Soul Musique – Kurtiss (7.24)
6. NYC Jam – Kurtiss (7.08)
7. Emax Jazz – Kurtiss (5.03)

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Vinyl / 12" EP

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