The Big Feel


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On the album, Lucky Lo unites people through her music by shedding light on the dark side of existence and turning trauma into triumph. With her sincere and colourful alternative pop songs, the music moves within the realm of organic and hand-played sounds with her band and the occasional nod to bigger pop productions.

Disc 1
1. The Big Feel – Lucky Lo
2. Through the Eyes of a Woman – Lucky Lo
3. Peak/Valley – Lucky Lo
4. Alla Tankar P† En G†ng – Lucky Lo
5. Bound in Blue – Lucky Lo
6. A Pretending World – Lucky Lo
7. Casual Love – Lucky Lo
8. Ctrl-alt-release – Lucky Lo
9. Hey! Lets Go – Lucky Lo
10. I Will Always Be You (Bonus Track) – Lucky Lo
11. Yes to Myself (Bonus Track) – Lucky Lo

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Lucky Lo

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