The Archie Shepp-Bill Dixon Quartet


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180g virgin vinyl limited edition – the complete album + 2 bonus tracks.

During the period of 1961-1963, saxophonist Archie Shepp and trumpeter Bill Dixon co-led a group that varied in size between a quartet, quintet, and sextet, depending on the gig. However, their only recorded works together consist of the studio quartet album made for Savoy in October 1962, and presented here in its entirety. Both musicians belonged to the avant-garde of free jazz and their celebrity had yet to arrive during the time they worked together.

“After hearing this set, there can be no doubt that the new freedom in jazz is beginning to find direction. Shepp’s solos, based on jazz roots, are fascinating, full of wit and convincing. He keeps a listener with him, and he never lets him down. And it simply has not been heard any place before. Listening to Shepp play is experiencing the essence of the ‘new thing’ and it is very exciting.” – **** ? Bill Mathieu, DownBeat

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Archie Shepp – Bill Dixon Quartet

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