Sacred Alien – The universe doesn’t care about you


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In a partnership between Lost Realm Records and Classic Metal Records, we bring you the vinyl edition of Sacred Alien’s first studio album “The World Doesn’t Care About You”.

In 2020 we already had the opportunity to work with these NWOBHM legends, with the vinyl release of “Legends” (compilation of studio and unreleased songs recorded between 1980 and 1983), which was a success given the tremendous acceptance by fans and followers of this British band. An edition that was sold out in less than 2 months!

“The Universe Doesn’t Care About You” is the logical continuation of the band’s legacy. With a total of 9 songs, Sacred Alien once again offers us a sonic journey between parallel universes, extraterrestrial forces and the meaning of life.

Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, this edition includes:
* 350g hi-gloss cardboard cover
* 8 page booklet with lyrics

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Sacred Alien

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