Natural, Everyday Degradation:


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‘Natural, Everyday Degradation’ highlights the band’s true strengths. Erik’s lyrics are emotionally resonant and universally relatable, though they’re far more intentional and precise this time around. Instead of letting off-kilter turns of phrase and nervous energy capture listeners’ ears, Remo Drive allow their confidence to take centre stage.

Disc 1
1. Two Bux – Remo Drive
2. The Grind – Remo Drive
3. The Devil – Remo Drive
4. Shakin’ – Remo Drive
5. Dog – Remo Drive
6. Seperate Beds – Remo Drive
7. Ezra and Marla – Remo Drive
8. Halos – Remo Drive
9. Around the Sun – Remo Drive
10. Mirror – Remo Drive
11. The Truth – Remo Drive

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Remo Drive

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