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‘Mystic Truth’ marks a new era for Bad Suns; it’s a remarkable step forward that’s at once melodically sharper and more emotionally complex than anything they’ve done before. Throughout ‘Mystic Truth’, the band exhibits a refined sense of songcraft and a willingness to infuse their timeless sensibilities with adventurous sonic detours.

Disc 1
1. Away We Go – Bad Suns
2. One Magic Moment – Bad Suns
3. A Miracle, a Mile Away – Bad Suns
4. The World and I – Bad Suns
5. Love By Mistake – Bad Suns
6. Darkness Arrives (And Departs) – Bad Suns
7. Hold Your Fire – Bad Suns
8. Howling at the Sun – Bad Suns
9. Seperate Seas – Bad Suns
10. Starjumper – Bad Suns

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Bad Suns

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