Mr. Tophat – Dusk to Dawn: Part III


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Part III of the debut album by the Swedish producer Rudolf Nordström aka Mr. Tophat. The album is a dark-disco odyssey that features live instrumentation from some of Sweden’s finest classical musicians (Mats Bergström, Per-Erik Adamsson) as well as appearances from his friends and collaborators Robyn, Axel Boman and Kleerup. The Mr. Tophat sound is one that goes on and on, deep into the night. ‘Dusk to Dawn’ is an epic collection of underground disco and house tracks, synthesising Western classical with contemporary club music. It’s an album that rewards multiple listens, a sprawling, ecstatic climb to the sublime, layered and full. It’s an album that pushes out into new uncharted territories.

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Mr. Tophat

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