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After releasing her second album ‘Inner Song’ (2020) in the midst of the pandemic, Kelly Lee Owens was faced with the sudden realisation that her world tour could no longer go ahead. Keen to make use of this untapped creative energy, she made the spontaneous decision to go to Oslo instead. There was no overarching plan, it was simply a change of scenery and a chance for some undisturbed studio time. It just so happened that her flight from London was the last before borders were closed once again. The blank page project was underway.

Disc 1
1. Release – Kelly Lee Owens
2. Voice – Kelly Lee Owens
3. Anadlu – Kelly Lee Owens
4. S.O (2) – Kelly Lee Owens
5. Olga – Kelly Lee Owens
6. Nana Piano – Kelly Lee Owens
7. One – Kelly Lee Owens
8. Quickening – Kelly Lee Owens
9. Sonic 8 – Kelly Lee Owens

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)

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Kelly Lee Owens

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