Lessons That We Swear to Keep


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The fifth full-length record from Nashville emo-punk outfit opens with a five-second haze of violin-like feedback before it hits the ground at a sprint: a thick, overdriven guitar, drums, and bass al slam in together with tight bursts and abright guitar lead dancing behind the wall of sound.

Disc 1
1. A Part Is Better Than Zero – Free Throw
2. Spacer’s Choice – Free Throw
3. Replacing Leene’s Bell – Free Throw
4. The Museum of Orphaned Concepts – Free Throw
5. So Yeah, So – Free Throw
6. Thanks for Asking – Free Throw
7. Into the Wind Stream – Free Throw
8. Joy Ephemeral – Free Throw
9. Cinnabar Island – Free Throw
10. Tips for Safe Travels – Free Throw
11. What Comes Around Is All Around – Free Throw

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Vinyl / 12" Album (Clear vinyl)

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Free Throw

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