Downhill Uplift


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For his sixth Hubro album, the Norwegian composer, bandleader and virtuoso guitarist Stein Urheim presents a new set of compositions for a specially formed group featuring three of his favourite musicians: bassist Ole Morten Vagan and percussionists/multi-instrumentalists Hans Hulbaekmo and Kare Opheim. Characterised by a relaxed, loose-limbed pulse, rippling with cross-rhythms, with a widescreen feel that can suggest the open vistas of the American west, the seven tracks function together as a kind of informal suite. Their strongly defined melodies and carefully layered textures evoke a luminously coloured acoustic world where bucolic, country-rock tinged soundscapes meet world-jazz improvisations and a little of what might be termed pop-Americana.

Disc 1
1. Downhill Uplift – Stein Urheim (2.47)
2. Brave New World Revisited Again – Stein Urheim (7.22)
3. Amalfitano – Stein Urheim (4.57)
4. Sound – Stein Urheim (2.54)
5. Free to Go – Stein Urheim (7.05)
6. Lamp – Stein Urheim (4.29)
7. Poor Moon – Stein Urheim (6.57)

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Stein Urheim

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