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For this project, the duo mined their decades of experience as NYC rave stalwarts for inspiration. Intro track ‘We Didn’t See the End’ is a personal and poetic tune that sees Duron recounting his first memories producing music, promoting events, and relocating to NYC in the early 00’s. ‘When I played my first show, it was for no money’, he muses in a casual, conversational tone, ‘it was on the concrete, it was me and my homies’. Later, on ‘KIM 3.6’, he recalls his time operating an illegal weed delivery service in New York. ‘The service just had cards that said KIM with the number on the back, ‘Keep it Moving’ like the Tribe Called Quest track. ‘3.6’ because our bags were .1 grams over the weight of an 8th’, he explains. ‘Our edge was actually just an honest deal. I thought a song about this would be fun’.

Disc 1
1. We Didn’t See the End – Earth Boys
2. Freight – Earth Boys
3. Touchdown – Earth Boys
4. KIM 3.6 – Earth Boys
5. Autobahn – Earth Boys

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Vinyl / 12" EP

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Earth Boys

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