Damn! That Was Easy


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Since their debut in 2017 and their highly acclaimed 2019 album ‘No God? No Problem’, Detroit freak-rockers The Lucid Furs performed over 100 out-of-state shows, invading music venues to wash minds with their heavy blues rock concoctions. The band’s live performances build up with a big, head bang energy, winding down to sultry blues, then blasting back into hard rock with a dash of funk you can’t help but dance to. On ‘Damn! That Was Easy’, the band’s heavily grooving talent and soul of the blues is immediately evident, driven by a vibrant ’70s vintage vibe. Their songs embody a culmination of each member’s early influences, ranging from rock classics like Alice Cooper and Heart, to Chicago blues like Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Guy, to the era of alternative rock groups like Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age.

Disc 1
1. Right On My Level – The Lucid Furs
2. Five Finger Disco – The Lucid Furs
3. Lying Again (Feat. Carmel Liburdi) – The Lucid Furs
4. Pull the String – The Lucid Furs
5. Conscience – The Lucid Furs
6. Another Page – The Lucid Furs
7. Straight to My Head – The Lucid Furs
8. Follow Me – The Lucid Furs
9. A One Time Investment – The Lucid Furs

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Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl

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The Lucid Furs

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