Comfort in the Echo:


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Tic Tic is a synth duo consisting of Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange based in Kristiansand, Norway. They bring elements from synth pop, trip-hop and alternative rock into their music. Electronic instruments form the core of all of the tracks. Programmed patterns are combined with various expressive, electronic instruments for an imperfect, human sound.

Disc 1
1. My Tribe – Tic Tic
2. Autopilot – Tic Tic
3. Fake It – Tic Tic
4. Croix Rousse – Tic Tic
5. A Bird Falling from a Tree – Tic Tic
6. Everything Familiar – Tic Tic
7. Get Back in Line – Tic Tic
8. You Drank Ian – Tic Tic
9. In This Together – Tic Tic
10. Puppets and Toys – Tic Tic

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Tic Tic

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