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Perth artist Carla Geneve announces the international release of her debut self-titled record. With a captivating live show and relatable lyricism, Geneve hails from the small coastal town of Albany, some 400 kilometers south of Western Australia’s capital city of Perth. She cut her teeth playing solo shows in and around regional centers as a 16-year old, bursting onto the WA scene in 2017. After being hailed by Pilerats as one of their ’18 Artists to Watch in 2018′, her debut single ‘Greg’s Discount Chemist’ was released to overwhelming support.

Disc 1
1. Come Midnight – Carla Geneve
2. Things Change – Carla Geneve
3. 2001 – Carla Geneve
4. Yesterday’s Clothes – Carla Geneve
5. Greg’s Discount Chemist – Carla Geneve
6. Listening – Carla Geneve
7. Juliette – Carla Geneve
8. I Hate You (For Making Me Not Want to Leave the City) – Carla Geneve

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Vinyl / 12" EP

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Carla Geneve

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