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Geneva-based duo Bound By Endogamy delivers a heavy blend of rave, synth-punk, and industrial music. Shlomo Balexert and Kleio Thomaïdes are both prominent figures in the local squat and punk scene, having been involved in numerous projects over the past decade. Following several cassette releases and a remarkable debut 7-inch on Lux Records, the band presents a self-titled album that combines raw, growling basslines, crisp analog rhythms, and passionate vocals ranging from breathy to fiercely cutting.

Disc 1
1. Going to the Mine – Bound by Endogamy
2. Nothing – Bound by Endogamy
3. Stuck in the Loop – Bound by Endogamy
4. Killed By Shame – Bound by Endogamy
5. Cogs – Bound by Endogamy
6. Withered Flowers – Bound by Endogamy
7. Lune – Bound by Endogamy
8. Junktion Rivers – Bound by Endogamy

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Bound by Endogamy

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