Bardo Disorder


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Heavily influenced by Thelema, Paganism and Hermeticism, Iterum Nata is a transcendent sojourn where enlightenment and melancholy go hand in hand. 70’s progressive rock and folk with ambient and neofolk influences, ‘Bardo Disorder’ is a sentimental and heartfelt invocation of songcraft.

Disc 1
1. Man With Two Souls – Iterum Nata
2. Nigredo – Iterum Nata
3. Worry – Iterum Nata
4. Thee – Iterum Nata
5. Syd„n – Iterum Nata
6. Thee End – Iterum Nata
7. Bardo – Iterum Nata
8. Life – Iterum Nata
9. Rubedo – Iterum Nata

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Vinyl / 12" Album

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Iterum Nata

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